I recently read with horror, the story of a young girl who died because she thought her bungee-jump instructor said “now jump”, when he actually said “no jump”.  A 17-year-old girl with her whole life in front of her, dead because of a bad translation and misunderstanding.


Whilst this is an extreme case, it highlights just how crucial understanding one another is.  Translation is the bridge between people and cultures, offering glimpses and insights into otherwise alien worlds.  It can open many doors, but it must be done properly, it is a very serious and important business.


Working with Runa Simi Translations offers a perfect synergy.  We are just as passionate about our translations as you are about your business.


If you have a burgeoning business, ready to take on the world, wouldn’t it be perfect to talk to people in their own language?  To excite potential customers from around the world by talking to them the way you talk to your colleagues, family and friends about your business and products?  Native translations offer this facility, they are not some clumsy google translate which merely get the message across.  We can get your message perfectly translated, with all the nuances, passion, humour, technicalities and professionalism that you would expect in your native tongue.


Whilst it is generally considered that English is the language of the internet, it is estimated that only 26.3% of users have English as their native tongue.  The remaining 73.7% are potential new customers, an opportunity to keep growing, to increase market share, access new markets and crucially, increase revenue and profitability.


Discovering the world needn’t be daunting!


Here at Runa Simi Translations, our team of translators can help you every step of the way.  We have the linguistic and cultural knowledge to propel your business forward, to ensure that your standards are met, if not exceeded in any country that you do business.  Our team spans the globe and we have provided translations in all major languages as well as more obscure ones such as Hmong, Tigrinya and Eastern Armenian.  There really isn’t a corner of the world we can’t help you communicate and do business with. Get in touch and get a quote now!

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